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Fatz History

Fresh, delicious homemade food since 1988.


The year was 1988 and the place was Spartanburg, South Carolina. The location was a humble roadside peach shed that would be converted to house the first FATZ restaurant ever. The premise was simple. Serve authentic, craveable food for all the hometown folks to enjoy. And use only the best ingredients to create the finest quality menu while treating guests like members of the family. Oh, and most importantly, price our items in a way that gives our guests tremendous value. Turns out that was a recipe for success as the little restaurant flourished and a new parent company, Cafe Enterprises, Inc. was formed to help FATZ grow. And grow it did.


In the early 1990's, the company set out to expand the success of FATZ by sticking to the attributes that made the restaurant so popular. Serve generous portions of quality, delicious food at great prices. And do it in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere while staying true to hometown values and maintaining strong ties to the community. It was an idea that people really responded to and lead to FATZ experiencing steady growth over the next two decades.


Today, Cafe Enterprises, Inc. owns and operates 47 FATZ restaurants. With a strong group of operating partners and a support team of seasoned professionals, the company is poised for continued growth in the Southeast and beyond.