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Operating Partner Program

Are you a highly motivated person with a passionate commitment to exceptional guest service? Then you may have what it takes to become an Operating Partner (OP) at Fatz Cafe. Our operating partner program is the cornerstone of Fatz Cafe’s success within a highly competitive landscape. It's designed to attract and retain experienced restaurant leaders and to promote pride in operating a Fatz Cafe restaurant. The benefits are substantial and include a generous base salary and a percentage of the restaurant's cash flow. Candidates must work a minimum of six months in a Fatz Cafe to be considered for the Operating Partner Program. If accepted, the candidate will sign a renewable agreement as well as make a financial investment.  Operating partners enjoy the autonomy and pride of operating a great restaurant concept dedicated to exceptional guest service and awesome food.


Operating Partner 2 From James Johnston, Operating Partner, FATZ Forest Drive, Columbia, SC:

"Working with FATZ means working with a company that cares about its associates and their growth and development. Through the OP Program you have the opportunity to create a successful business and financially share in that success."