Fun and games at FATZ!

There is plenty of FATZ fun for kids to enjoy.

At FATZ, we love to have fun. And we love to share that fun with our youngest guests. So let your kids go crayon crazy with our printable games, puzzles and other fun activities. Just download, print them out and let the fun begin! Please note the children's portion of our Privacy Policy.

Certified Clyde Mascot

Clyde Mascot Coloring Sheets

Gold Star Program

At FATZ, we believe great performance should be rewarded. That's why we created the FATZ "Gold Star" Awards Program for schools, libraries, churches, teams, clubs and organizations committed to serving the children of the communities in which we operate.

You can use the FATZ "Gold Star" certificates to recognize praiseworthy behaviors and achievements, such as:

  • Honor roll
  • Perfect attendance
  • Helping out a friend
  • Great role model for other students
  • Bookworm buddies champion


Contact your local FATZ to learn more.